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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello everyone!

It’s February the 1st and people in Japan are preparing for Valentine’s Day.

Japan has a very specific way to celebrate the day of lovers. Have you heard of it?

Unlike cards or flowers, in Japan it’s common to gift chocolate, whether it be store bought chocolate bars or handmade chocolate truffles. A girl will gift the chocolate to her significant other or her crush.

Now, you might think “What about the boy? Why doesn’t he give the girl anything?”
This is because there’s a special day for that as well! It’s called White Day (March 14th), exactly one month after Valentine’s Day.

Making the chocolates you’re giving away is considered even better than buying them because it shows you really put your effort and time into it. Japanese supermarkets and even 100 Yen shops sell tools and goods to help you make your own chocolate treats at home!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country? If so, what do you do?

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