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Origami envelopes

Hello everyone!

Today we’d like to introduce to you our latest idea!

We wondered what it would look like to put the room keys into origami envelopes instead of the usual booklet!

Origami is a traditional Japanese handicraft and literally translates to “folded paper”.

折る (oru) is the Japanese word for “to fold” and 紙 (kami) means “paper”

Have you heard of the famous paper cranes? They are probably the most popular of all the origami.

Cranes (鶴 / tsuru) carry a deep meaning in Japanese culture and mythology. They are meant to represent peace, health and happiness.

Japanese paper cranes tsuru

It is said that if you fold a 1000 cranes, among other believes, you will be granted a wish or your sickness will be healed.

What do you think of the paper envelopes?
Have you ever folded origami yourself? Make sure to try one day!

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