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Plum blossoms 🌺

Hello everyone!

Even though it still gets quite chilly in Osaka,

there’s a sign that spring is approaching! As you may have guessed from the title, the plum trees (ume) all over Osaka are stating to blossom and giving the city a very spring-like atmosphere.

You’ve probably heard of the famous Japanese cherry blossom (sakura) and might be wondering now what’s the difference between them.

Actually, plum blossoms, peach blossoms (momo no hana) and cherry blossoms all look very similar. They’re all very pretty but their appearance differs a bit.

Plum blossoms 梅の花
bloom from January to March and you can distinguish them by their round petals of usually white or a deep magenta color.

Peach blossoms 桃の花
bloom in April, have slightly tapered petals and their color is usually of a clear pink.

Cherry blossoms 桜
bloom from March to April and you can distinguish them by their heart-shaped petals that have two tips. Cherry blossoms are usually a light pink.

🌺We hope you liked our little introduction of the three different types of flowers.
You should definitely come to Japan and do some flower viewing (hanami) by yourself!🌺

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