Dotonbori Hotel      

Free ice cream
Free freezing highball
All-you-can-eat and drink draft beer


We are preparing Draft beer, freezing highball and ice cream
from 15:00 to 21:00 
to make your trip at Dotonbori Hotel even more enjoyable

We provide free cup noodles every day
every night 20:30~21:00

All-you-can-drink alcohol such as beer and highball!

We provide various free alcohol drinks
and free cup noodles
to make customer enjoyable in Osaka
Enjoy your Osaka night at dotonbori hotel

Dressing experience kimono


Why don’t you wear a kimono and take a
commemorative photo as a memory of your trip?
We also have a polaroid service
for the gift.

food experience


we hold Japanese food experience service
Japanese food experience service
Please enjoy Japanese snacks
that change with the seasons.

Experience the Festival


Japanese nostalgic games such as target shooting and ring toss
You can enjoy the festive atmosphere at the hotel.
We also have some great prizes.
For children, friends, and family.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.