Dotonbori Hotel      

Dotonbori Hotel offers a variety of services to support your memorable journey.

Service 1

Abundant amenities and rental items

We stock a a variety of items that you might need during your stay. A wide variety of children’s items is also available.

Service 2

Assistance in case of illness and injury
Lost and found

In the unlikely event that you are injured or ill and need an ambulance or hospital, the front desk staff will assist you with hospital reception and emergency.
We can send any forgotten items by mail after you check out.

Service 3

Room decoration service
for special occasions

We can help you celebrate your birthday, honeymoon, wedding anniversary and marriage proposal to make your stay a memorable one. (* Reservations are required in advance)


Service 5

Free co-sleeping and breakfast
for children under 12

Dotonbori Hotel Group offers a free co-sleeping and breakfast* service for children younger than 12 years of age.Please enjoy your family trip at Dotonbori Hotel.(*limited to parents/guardians who have booked a plan including breakfast)

Service 5

Local recommendations

Our front desk staff can recommended nearby local shops, tourist attractions, etc. according to your wishes and needs. No need to do a lots of planning beforehand!


Free Services & Rental items

At Dotonbori Hotel, we offer a variety of equipment to make your stay more comfortable. If you would like to borrow anything, please ask the front desk staff at the time of your stay. Please note that we only stock a limited number of items.

in the hotel

Beer and Freezing Highball all-you-can-drink

Freezing highball

You can drink as much Asahi Super Dry beer and Freezing Highball as you like for free from 15:00 to 21:00 every day.

Ice cream

ice cream

We offer free al-you-can-eat ice cream free daily from 15:00 to 21:00.

Free softdrinks

Free drink

Coffee, tea and tea are available in the lobby on the 1st floor.

Late night ramen

Nighttime ramen

Enjoy daily ramen from 20:30 to 21:00 every day.



Washers and dryers are available 24/7 in the laundry rooms on the 5th and 7th floor.
Detergent is also available for free.

Massage chair

Hot spring

Free massage chairs are available in the lobby on the 1st floor.

Skin Care Amenities

Women's amenities

We provide free skin care products such as cleansing, lotion, and milky lotion at the front desk.

Hotel’s WIFI

hotel's WIFI

You can use free WIFI (wireless internet) in the whole building.

Tea Machine Server

Hotel's WIFI

You can enjoy complimentary water dispensers with cold water and hot water on the 1st floor lobby, 5th floor, and 7th floor.

In the guest room

USB Ports

Laptop rentalし

Laptop Rental Service There are USB ports available for smartphones and tablets.

Facial massager

Facial equipment rental

Panasonic face steamers for you take care of your skin even while on vacation. (Limited number available).

Hair iron

Hair iron rental

2-way straight and curling hair irons.

Nanocare Hair Dryer

Nanocare hair dryer complete

All rooms are equipped with Panasonic nano-care hair dryers. We have hair dryers for hair care.


Steam iron rental

Easy to use, compact steam iron and board.

Smart Phone Chargers

Smartphone charger rental

iPhone, Micro USB and type C chargers are available.

conversion plug

 conversion plug rental

We have conversion plugs for each country.

When you out


rental car

You can freely explore the city of Osaka and make new discoveries.
※rental time ・・・7:00~22:00

pocket WIFI

poket wifi rental

4G LTE high-speed communication, unlimited capacity. You can use it on your computer, smartphone, etc.

Hotel original
tourist information

Hotel original tourist information

This is a hotel original service where you can always see information on recommended spots (gourmet, shopping, sightseeing) in the surrounding area.

Keep your Luggage

keep your luggage

We will keep your luggage free of charge before check-in and after check-out (please pick it up on the day).

Umbrella rental

Umbrella rental

On days when it is likely to rain, we rent out umbrellas for free. Please go out with umbrellas

Wheelchair rental

Wheelchair rental

For those who need a wheelchair, we have a limited number of lightweight foldable wheelchairs available.

For those with children

At Dotonbori Hotel, children under the age of 12 can stay free of charge as long as they share a bed with their family. In addition, if the parents staying with us choose the plan with breakfast, we will also provide it to children free of charge.

Children’s amenities

Children's amenities

Children’s yukata

Children's pajamas

Blanket for children

Children's blanket

Children’s toilet

Children's toilet

Children’s bath

Children's bath

Baby beds
(Within 0-12 months)

Baby beds (Within 0-12 months)

Baby Guard

Baby Guard

Put diapers

Put diapers
Baby bottle disinfectant

Baby bottle disinfectant

Baby bottle disinfectant



(whitin 0~3 years old )

baby car (0~3 years old )