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Regarding our new guidelines for preventing the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 ~for your safety~

By strictly enforcing our new guidelines「Health Monitoring」「Hygiene Management」 「Avoiding Closed Spaces, Crowded Places and Close Contact」, we want to create a safe environment at Dotonbori Hotel.

Health Monitoring

1Employee Body Temperature Checks

Employee Body Temperature Checks

If any of our full- or part-time employee’s body temperature rises over 37.5℃, they will not come to work and instead seek medical treatment immediately. We also carry out contactless body temperature measurements of each employee before their shift starts.

After the fever goes down, a previously sick employee will only come to work after a thorough evaluation and the approval of a supervisor. If by any chance an employee is found to have a fever while at work, a supervisor will be notified, and the employee will be sent to receive medical treatment.

2Enforcing Hand Hygiene

All employees will regularly wash and sanitize their hands, as well as gargle at the beginning and during their shifts.

Hygiene Management

1Air disinfection using the AIR CLOVER Ozone Air Purifier by TECO

We use ozone air purifiers to disinfect the air in shared spaces like the lobby and the breakfast venue. See link below for more information (the product page is only available in Japanese)
Prodcut link here.

These ozone air purifiers are being used in Tokyo, in over 500 ambulance cars and about 2,700 public institutions like government administration offices. They have been proven to be effective against influenza, norovirus, SARS, and the coronavirus COVID-19 (Nara Medical University, May 2020). By using these machines at our hotels, we want to ensure a safe environment for our guests.

Air disinfection using the AIR CLOVER Ozone Air Purifier by TECO

2Free Travel Size Alcohol Sanitizer for our Guests

Every hotel guest will receive a free travel size bottle of hand sanitizer when checking in.

3Hand Disinfectant for Shared Spaces

We provide rubbing alcohol as well as A2Care deodorizing disinfectant spray in shared spaces like the lobby or the breakfast venue. A2Care is being used at airports all over Japan and Japanese airlines have been using it on flights returning from Wuhan. Its effects are reliable, and the product is also being used by police departments and the Japan Self-Defense Forces. A2Care can also be used on children’s skin.

4Clear Plastic Barriers

Disinfecting Hotel Facilities, Guest Rooms and Equipment

To lower the risk of infection during transactions between employees and guests, we will put up clear plastic shields at the front desk.

5Disinfecting Hotel Facilities, Guest Rooms and Equipment

In addition to the regular cleaning of our guest rooms, room equipment (key cards, refrigerators, remote controls, doorknobs, handrails etc.), as well as elevator buttons, restrooms and shared spaces will be sanitized regularly with rubbing alcohol. Front desk, writing utensils, room keys etc. will also be sanitized frequently.

6Employees Wearing Face Masks

All employees in the building will provide their service wearing face masks.
During events, employees will wear additional face shields.

7 Individual Food Servings, no Tongs at the Breakfast Buffet

Food at the breakfast buffet will be provided in individual servings. Shared utensils like tongs will not be provided and the buttons of drink dispensers will be sanitized regularly. Tables will be spaced at a certain distance for your protection.

Avoiding Closed Spaces, Crowded Places and Close Contact

Our Strategy for
「Avoiding Closed Spaces」

Regular Airing of Lobby and Shared Spaces

The entrance doors as well as the back doors of the building will frequently be opened to improve ventilation in the lobby and shared spaces. If it gets too cold or too hot, we will counteract that with air conditioning and lap blankets. Please let us know if you are feeling hot or cold.

Airing of Guest Rooms before Check-in

As we air guest rooms thoroughly before each check-in, we ask you to please do the same and regularly air the room during your stay.

Our Strategy for
「Avoiding Crowded Places」

Indicated Waiting Positions at Front Desk

When waiting in line at front desk, please wait at the indicated positions.

Increased Distance Between Guests at Front Desk

In order to safely practice social distancing, we will increase the space between guests we’re serving at a time at front desk.

Spaced Seating

Tables and seats at the breakfast venue and shared spaces will be spaced at a certain distance for your protection.

Our Strategy for
「Avoiding Close Contact」

Free Drinks in the Refrigerator

Provided free drinks are put in the refrigerator of each guest room in advance.

No Information or Massage Services in Guest Rooms

Please do not ask staff to come to your room. In-room massage services will not be provided anymore.

Even with masks on our faces, we want to welcome you with smiles on our faces. We will continue to improve our safety measures and do our best to help ease any worries you might have.